About Us

We do provide products but we prefer provide solutions.

Thanks to Anoatech’s years of off-shoring (offshore manufacturing) accumulated engineering team development capabilities and supply chain resources, we provide software and hardware customization services for global network communication product operators, channel agents, and equipment manufacturers in sub-industries. We focus on Multi-Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switches and XGPON fields of development, we are good at embedded software development, hardware prototype production, and as ASIC chip supply chain guardian. Our core advantages are as follows:


Based on RTL93xx dedicated L3 switch chip and SDK, we have more than 5 years of technology accumulation and independent development capabilities, and have competitive products in 2.5GE/10GE and IEEE1588 (PTP); we can also provide Software License Service to implement software development and functional porting on some hardware platforms specified by customers;

The ONU solution based on BROACOM chip provides OMCI interconnection with mainstream OLT, and provides small scale OLT and single-port OLT solutions for distributed application scenarios, especially chain networks;


Our business cooperation model is flexible, customized products provide Turnkey services, share a full set of hardware production documents and FIRMWARE software updates and maintenance, which greatly facilitates customers’ needs to establish a second supply chain;

Considering the supply chain capabilities of some regions, we provide CDK material packaging services for some products to help customers achieve localized production.


In the face of the anti-globalization environment, we are committed to sharing our design and supply chain capabilities to help customers achieve productization, and we welcome the cooperation of Ally-shoring (ally manufacturing) and Near-shoring (near-shore manufacturing) to provide cost-effective products while ensuring supply reliability, diversity is our goal.


Contact us every time you need and our team will be happy to assist you !