Wi-Fi 6

2.5G LAN

2.5G Direct Connection
The Need of 2.5G
  • 2.5G should be the standard for the next generation of ordinary local area networks.
  • Upgrading to 2.5G, there is also a problem

Gigabit soft routing can not keep up.

10 gigabit is too expensive.

  • 2.5G is a more cost-effective choice.
  • We used Realtek, a non-European and American switch chipsets.

High integration

Small in size

Flexible in the port configuration

Low power consumption

Compare to BCM56160
  • Using Realtek RTL9313 + RTL8224 to design 24x 2.5G with 6x SFP+ Ethernet Switch can save more than 30% of the design using BCM56160.
Specification BCM56160 RTL9313
High Integration
Flexible Port Configuration
Small in Size
Low Power Consumption
Anoatech has customization request of 2.5G Switch
24x / 48x 2.5G with SFP+ Switch
Can plug-and-play to upgrade the existing GE switch networking

We initial build the AQS3624 2.5G Switch

  • Using RTL9313 and RTL8224E 2.5G PHY

  • 24x 2.5G with 6x SFP+

  • Suitable for high switching capacity

Afterward, we enhance the system to AQS3248

  • Using RTL9313, RTL8372 and RTL8224E 2.5G PHY

  • 48x 2.5G with 2x SFP+

  • Suitable for high population density of workstations

And now, we are working on a further cost down version of AQS3224

Using RTL9302D with RTL8224N 2.5G PHY
24x 2.5G with 2x SFP+
Cost down version