• With the development of the Internet, brought about a change in entertainment life We offer enjoy a variety of entertainment services without leaving home. In fact, Video Switch has long been very popular. The earliest development was community entertainment, with limited on-demand and broadcast movie and television entertainment available through local video servers.
  • As the the internet access speed become faster and faster, the video sources can come through modem and directly to a network provider via fiber optics. The common Video Switch application today, can simply use a HDMI-to-Ethernet transceiver to convert between video data and Ethernet package and for video watching.
Typical Video Switch Application
  • Anoatech has customization request for video switch - 24x / 48x Gigabit Switch for local Video Source - GUI with customized icon for channel grouping and configuration.
  • In the past, System Designer would like to use an individual PC, connect through serial interface to configure the system by CLI locally.
  • We provides customization service to tailor made the web management interface, based on customer specifications, to setup like the port matrix, incoming & outgoing ports, data protocol, etc. These made the engineers and managements to control system easily and have their dedicated management system. Most important, it allow remotely configure the system without occupying a PC.
  • Induced from Video Switch or AV over IP Switch design, we have another customer tailor made design of Ethernet switch with 2.5G MDI interface, and 2.5G USB and PCIe interface for his computerized system design.
  • We are expected with the 5G Base-T and 10G Base-T multi-gigabit switches deploy, AV Over IP switches and the access devices would become more popular.
Crestron DM NVX 10 Seroes AV Over IP Access Device
Netgear AV Over IP Switch