L2 managed switches based on RTL83xx chips have been widely used.

Some common chip models for the software redevelopment service :

Chip Part Number Common Configuration Compatible Design Software function Industrial Grade
RTL8380M 8GE+2xSFP 4GE+2xSFP Full L2 managed Y
RTL8382M 24GE+4xSFP 8GE+20xSFP(combo GE optional) Full L2 managed Y
RTL8382L 24GE+4xSFP 8GE+20xSFP(combo GE optional) Simply managed Y
RTL9301 24GE+4xSFP+ 24xSFP(combo GE optional)+ 4xSFP+ Lite L3 managed N

System developers only need to share the current hardware schematic diagram or provide hardware demonstration unit. After evaluation, we can do software matching according to the hardware platform, and then do customized software redevelopment services on the basis of successful software matching. To further enhance the software after delivery, only a certain minimum demand can keep the deal.

Software Redevelopment Services

Software Redevelopment Services

Anoatech provide software redevelopment services based on most of the product forms in the market, and customize the product software functions to meet customer needs.